About Us

About Us

A dynamic team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and rich experiences has come together to form Y Plant Affricanaidd, an impactful social enterprise, dedicated to supporting African families in Wales.

The team comprises individuals with backgrounds in social work, foster care, education, and community engagement, both from African and Welsh heritages. Together, we bring a unique blend of skills, perspectives, and insights, proving invaluable in their mission.

At the forefront of the team are seasoned social workers, whose understanding of the social care system in the UK is unparalleled. Their years of experience working directly with families from various backgrounds have equipped them with the skills to navigate complex social issues effectively and empathetically. Thier deep knowledge of the welfare system, family dynamics, and cross-cultural issues informs Y Plant Affricanaidd’s approach to supporting these families in a nuanced and holistic way. As  experienced social workers, they bring a deep understanding of the challenges African families face in a foreign cultural environment, thereby shaping the interventions of the enterprise to address these needs effectively.

The foster carers in the team add another layer of expertise. They bring invaluable insights from a perspective often underrepresented in decision-making processes. Their experiences within the fostering system provide a genuine understanding of the intricacies involved, the challenges faced by carers, and the needs of children within the system. Their contribution is particularly valuable in guiding African families interested in fostering in Wales, offering practical advice and emotional support that stems from their personal experience.

Y Plant Affricanaidd also benefits from the expertise of a professional teachers well-versed in the UK’s education system. Their role is crucial in helping families understand how they can support their children’s education in a different cultural setting. Additionally, their experience is instrumental in designing the culturally sensitive parenting courses offered by Y Plant Affricanaidd, providing parents with the tools to navigate their children’s academic journey successfully.

Community engagement professionals within the team are key to creating a vibrant sense of community among the African families in Wales. Leveraging their expertise in designing and facilitating community events, they create platforms for interaction, cultural exchange, and mutual support among families. Their understanding of both African and Welsh cultural practices ensures the creation of a culturally inclusive space that respects and celebrates diversity.

The synergy of the team is further enhanced by their diverse cultural backgrounds. Having individuals from both African and Welsh backgrounds not only ensures cultural sensitivity but also promotes a two-way cultural exchange. This cultural diversity within the team fosters a deep understanding of the unique experiences of African families in Wales and ensures that the services offered are relevant, respectful, and impactful.

In essence, Y Plant Affricanaidd stands as a testament to the power of diversity and collaboration. It’s a beacon of social entrepreneurship where diverse professionals unite their expertise to make a significant difference in the lives of African families in Wales, promoting cultural inclusivity and empowering families for a better future.


Committed to supporting and safeguarding the welfare of children and families in the community.

We Follow Best Practices

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